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      Here at "Music for my lyrics" we specialize in bringing your song ideas to the next level.  We can take a melody, lyrics, humming, whatever you have as an idea and provide you a professional recording for use. Tracks Starting as low as $75! Click Rates Above for more info!  That rate covers music composition for your lyrics and a recording for your use.

This is only one of our many services​​.  We can also take older public domain tunes such as hymns, folk tunes whatever you need and provide backing tracks for performance.
      Contact us today!!!​​   Already have a recording and just need some finishing help?  I have mixing and mastering services also available!  Shoot me an email for project rates.

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            You have an idea, I record professional music for your idea, you download the music and use it as you like!​​​
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            Please feel free to email me anytime at
            I have satisfied clients all over the world and I am ready to work for you.
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Working with Chas has been an incredible experience; his ability to hear melodies and find just the right arrangement is second to none. He brought back to life a project that I had almost given up on. If you have a musical project and want professional high quality musicianship, I highly recommend Chas! -  Anthony
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