Music For My Lyrics

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Music compositions and recordings start at only $125 payable through Paypal. This gets you an MP3, AIF or Wav file recording with acoustic guitar to work with and do whatever you please. 

I offer two kinds of arrangements and several different services:

Guitar and Voice Arrangement for $199: This arragement includes acoustic guitar mixed with vocals.   This can be used for pitching your song, your website, a gift, or personal use.  You retain all the rights to the recording.

Full Band Arrangement (Most Popular) for $249: This arrangement includes up to five instruments tracks including guitar, bass, drums, vocals, backing vocals, piano or another synthesized instrument. 

Leadsheets for your song can be made upon request that include words with chords for $50.  

Backing tracks are also available with no vocals for you or someone else to use in performance or home recording only $35.

Your Song, Your Vocals Arrangement $349:  This includes a full band arrangement and a backing track.  After my portion of the recording is complete, I will send your the arrangment and backing track.  If you have the the items to do basic home recording (Microphone, Headphones, and a way to record your voice) You can use the backing track to sing over the song, send the voice only recording to me, and I will mix your voice in with the song.  No need to worry about pitch as I can correct all your mistakes and make you sound like a pro.  You then have a personal performance you can use on your website, for song pitching, to sell on itunes, or other personal use.

I will send you a sample of your music before you decide to purchase anything

All payments are made through Paypal via this email: